Advance Wars: Dual Strike – Mission 27 (For the Future!) [S] [P1/4]

March 2, 2011 · 14 comments

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S-Rank 436pts – (Speed -100; Power -81; Tech. -100 + 30 Black Obelisk +60 Black Crystals +40 Mini Cannons +25 PipeSeams) This is thee hardest mission in the game. Now this mission can be separated into 3 parts, Orange Star: Staying on the defensive and taking control of the Com Towers. Line up your tanks and have indirect units behind them.(Buy Artillery and Tanks to replace the units you lost) and hold off untill you get support from the other armies. Once you get support, push forward. Blue Moon: Top priority would be taking down Von Bolt’s Naval Units. You can use the Carrier as bait to lure his units towards you.(Since you don’t have any Air Units) Then taking down the Two Mini Cannons and the Black Crystal. Buy another Battle Ship (When Using Grit or any powerful Indirect/Naval Co) and move it near Bolt’s main units for indirect support. Have the Current Battleship (If its still undamaged) near the Obelisk. As for the Factory, build units to join OS and push forward. Green Earth:

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