Ash Like Snow – (FULL) English Fandub (Dreambelieva Version)

August 15, 2011 · 0 comments

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EDIT: If you wish to download this fandub, here is the link ^^’ : —————————————- I finally did the full version! I’m sorry for taking so long m(_ _’)m At first, I didn’t think that I would do an English fandub of anything, but thanks to Ginko421 and her awesome lyrics and threats, I realized how fun it is! And thank you to those who have commented, gave me advices, critiques and encouragement! ………………………………… Ash Like Snow — Full English Lyrics (by Ginko421 with reference to the English translation at The sky is coloured red from shades Of sullen, escapeless darkness That consumes the stardust And drapes the ground below With ash-like snow It quickly hides the traces left behind As I looked out the window filled with grief I never dreamed I froze with despair There I come for you These thoughts of mine escaped and soared into the dark sky To a place where the lost chances hide When the world changes again, a precious thing of mine Will be destroyed I no longer have the strength to protect what I hold dear What will be left of me now? My heart is cornered by the dark, that’s coming from all directions Where I can hear your voice, like anaesthesia It coldly robs the senses that remained without a choice This useless chase of contradictories Will never cease There is just no end Why bother fighting? If light shall fail to shine through anything anymore And if our green earth diminishes I

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