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“Wild dogs” and “scary stories” Dogs are perhaps the closest to humans among all animals. But long before they became mans best friend, wild dogs roamed the world as independent and untamed creatures. Today however, they are one of the most populous of animal species, after being domesticated for human uses. But overpopulation of dogs, especially in the streets, has its problems. Rabies still causes deaths in many parts of the country, prompting municipalities to act on the problem. Some employ culling by gas chamber, while others drown or electrocute stray dogs. Its public safety versus animal welfare. Doc Ferds Recio shows us an alternative and animal-friendly way to address the issue. Its that time of year when wild and scary stories abound and this Wednesday, Kiko Rustia goes on a different kind of adventure. He makes the rounds in the metros cemeteries, where flocks of people come to visit their dearly departed. In the cold night air, the wind seems to carry a chilling rustle. Each step brings a frightening crunch. But neither ghosts nor ghouls bring the biggest scares. Because in this years All Saints Day celebration, as in almost each public occasion, the marks that people leave in the wake of the season can be quite a fright. Is there an eco-friendly way to spend public holidays? = = = = Pag dating sa mga hayop, wala na sigurong mas lalapit pa sa mga tao kaysa sa mga aso. Pero bago pa man natin sila napaamo, minsan silang nabuhay bilang mga wild dog” sa ilang

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