Robbie Seay Band ~ New Day (Portland, Oregon tribute)

August 27, 2011 · 8 comments

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This is a music video I made about my hometown Portland, Oregon. It was filmed on a canon zr500/panasonic dv tapes @ 4:3 & 16:9 aspect ratios using various lighting, coloring, and shutter speed rates. Copyright Thinking Dog Productions, circa 2006. FUN FACTS ABOUT PORTLAND: ~Earned title “Little Beirut” from George W. Bush for its widespread, apparent political liberalism ~Home of the Trailblazers, Marionberries, Roses, and some of the best [kept secret] restaurants in the US ~Hot spot for Independent and Alternative Music/Artists ~Has more bridges than most any other city in the US ~Considered the most eco-friendly city in the US ~Has an offbeat, communal, oddly beautiful way about it if you’re into the whole Northwestern ‘raining while you eat your organic fair trade coffee flavored ice cream while listening to 94.7 fm on your way to Movie Madness’ thing NOT SO FUN FACTS: ~Has one of the highest homelessness rates in America ~Has one of the highest unemployment rates in America (+ lack of possible jobs to be had) ~Higher rate of methamphetamine abusers than exists in most cities ~2nd Least churches (of any kind) per capita out of all US ~2nd Highest suicide rate in the US ~Northwestern feel isn’t for everybody ~New Day Lyrics~ I’m gonna sing this song To let you know that you’re not alone And if you’re like me You need hope, coffee, and melody So sit back down Let the world keep spinning round For yesterday’s gone and today is waiting on you to show your face It might

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