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Lika Volkova of SANS clothing line and Scott Hahn of Loomstate and Rogan brands talk about sustainability in fashion industry. Is it possible to create an eco-friendly label? Lika Volkova, the designer behind SANS clothing line says no. The result of a new clothing line is, of course, more clothing. When all is said and done, this means that more factories are running, more trucks are transporting, and ultimately, more waste is being created. Organic cotton? Well, it just another myth. Cotton — organic or not — requires excessive amounts of water to produce. Lika urges us to stop using green and sustainable labels and rethink clothing production instead. The result would be making things a little bit better and move incrementally towards greener design. In Likas opinion this includes using both organic and synthetic fabrics. Based in New York, Lika and her partner Alessandro DeVito have created the SANS clothing line in order to explore what a legitimate path to the future would be like in terms of clothing design and sustainable production. Lika moved to the US from Russia at 17 and started an independent line called ANTILIKA in New York several years later. After her first runway show, Lika realized that her interest was not in the fashion worlds system of brands, marketing, and the spectacle of shows. In fact, she sees large-scale shows contributing to the industrys overall carbon footprint as professionals fly around the world multiple times a year to see

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