Tesla turbine 2.01 on 80psi steam start-up spin down, 6″ x 18″ boiler tank.

September 6, 2011 · 3 comments

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Note: Using the stove element with very little surface contact the max operating psi is 25-30psi. With propane the surface area of heating will increase and allow higher working pressure and a dryer steam. I have a VW jetta alternator (3-4 times larger than turbine!) to mount next for 12-14volt output test by request. . Last I checked in Nov. the steam from my 5 gallon boiler worked well but this tested to 250psi welded tank is much more portable and will be good for fresnel or propane fuel. I do not recomend anyone without years of welding experience choose any compressed air tank to use as the inside could be rusted and cause rupture of seams. britgaskets.ca . DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS!! PRESSURIZING AN UNTESTED AIR TANK CAN CAUSE EXPLOSIONS, DAMAGE TO THE HOSES, BURNS, FIRE, LOSS OF LIFE, AND LOSS OF PROPERTY!! THEY MUST BE ABLE TO TAKE HEAT AND 2-3x PRESSURES REQUIRED. IT MAY ALSO BE ILLEGAL IN YOUR AREA. DON’T EVEN THINK IT!! . 100psi and under is considered “hobby” and I sure trust the tig welds more than say a silver soldered copper boiler. 2 relief valves 1 at 90psi and one at 150psi just to be safe. The turbine once spun up is sustained at 30-40psi and the torque by guesstimate is 2x or 3x that of compressed air. A very shocking increase when I first tried to slow the shaft.

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