Growin’ My Scruff Out

June 7, 2011 · 11 comments

in green earth

New song out from Dubby Dub featuring P-Mull. “Growin’ My Scruff Out” is available for download at: LYRICS: [Intro] Ehhhhh what in God’s green earth you got on your face, son? What are you talking about Grandpa? I’m just-just growin’ my scruff out. Ehh growing your scruff out? Oh God damn it boy, back in my day the word “scruff” wasn’t even in the God damn dictionary! Grandpa I haven’t shaved in like two – like a couple days, haven’t shaved in like a couple days. Oh yeah… a couple days? A couple days? My old ass you haven’t shaved in a couple days! Boy, back in WWII we had to shave every bit of facial hair and hair on our heads so we could be as stealth as possible when we were fightin’. So don’t give me none of this business that you’re growin’ your scruff out… God damn it boy! [Chorus] Yo your ‘stache is trash and your beard’s lookin’ weird – whatcha doin’ over there man? I’m just growin’ my scruff. I know you wanna save it but what do you do if your mom says, “shave it!”? I’ll be growin’ my scruff. You think people with beards ain’t successful? You ain’t thinkin’! Take a look at Abe Lincoln! (growin’ my scruff) I don’t know about you, but I know about me, I’ma grow out that SC-RUFF baby! (growin’ my scruff) [Verse 1 – Dubby Dub] Yo its been a couple days since I last shaved, You could imagine its been a couple days since I’ve last seen babes, But hey, Im just growin my scruff, I wont shave for weeks if the goin gets tough, Then my ‘stache is trash

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