Lectric surf vs Lectric grease – sounds of the future

June 26, 2011 · 18 comments

in green earth

fox televsion news special featuring 4 vintage mog home made instruments…. i had asked if fox would let me edit my own spot for the news they said no??? so this is your typical out of context news spot. i sound goofy and some of the sounds do not match to what im playing. it was all distorted and super super noisey when i played it… but hell how often to you get to see an lectric surf board on the news? THE LECTRIC SURF BOARD= broken surf board, electronic pick ups,found objects,ice maker on off switch, garbage pick items, 3 guitar strings,vintage bixby tail pc,2 bass strings, 2 rudders,one leash,grip pads,wax. played with a violin bow. electronic amplified devices. LECTRIC GREASE+ found baking pan. electronic pick ups, 1 bass string, vintage currly cue cord, played with a ball beaing.spatula LECTRIC WOOD found wood, peavy electronic pick up. med gauge binding wire.put together by charles. played with hand,wire,had drill THE WHEEL+ found conduit tubing, med gauge,sphere fly wheel. welded side handles. duct tape grips. played on electric metal flooring. objects.

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