Live Earth Animated

October 28, 2010 · 5 comments

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Gold winner of 2008 Promas BDA awards and bronze winner of 2008 New York Festivals Television Broadcasting, “Live Earth Animated” the 7.7.07 promo takes viewers on a tour through seven venues that hosted the worldwide concert event. (Hollywood, CA-July 6, 2007) S4 Studios here has designed and produced a 45-second fully-animated 3D promo for NBC Universal HD’s 22-hour broadcast of Al Gore’s Live Earth, dubbed “the concert for a climate in crisis.” Created by the S4 team of Director Geoffrey Kater, Producer Larry Le Francis and Creative Director Thomas Helmintoller, “Live Earth Animated” features more than 150 of the world’s most popular bands, who played live to an audience of over two billion people. The piece opens on a metallic-looking Morse SOS code, which rotates around to reveal the Earth from space as a desert-like, pollution-shrouded globe. It then flashes through a series of one of a kind graphic representations of each host city, slowing down just long enough at each–New York, London, Johannesburg, Sydney, Hamburg, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro–before retreating rapidly out into space, once again revealing the Earth, restored to its pristine state, as crackling energy, polar caps, and plant life spring forth from the now-healed globe.

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