Milling Aluminium billet

June 14, 2011 · 0 comments

in green earth

I need to carve this giant lump of aluminium into more manageable chunks. It won’t fit in my bandsaw, there’s no way on this green Earth that I’m hacksawing it, and I don’t want to waste big quantities to swarf, so…. This video covers about an hour of real time, accelerated for your amusement. If you want the technical nitty gritty then: I’m cutting using a 6mm “ripper”, which can cut to a depth of approximately 35mm. The piece is 63.5mm thick, and 870mm in diameter. The total cut is about 650mm, but I can take only 550mm at a time on the machine. Which is why I have to move it the first time. I then have to move it again, having cut the remaining portion, because I got my depth measurements wrong on the long cut, and left a piece in the middle, damnit. So I had to line it all up again & take one last sweep.

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