Organic Reality Therapy (cure for Virtual Reality Syndrome)

April 15, 2011 · 25 comments

in green earth

The purpose of this movie is to provide care and treatment for my fellow tubers who suffer from extreme forms of transhumanist vision quest disorders, and especially for those suffering from a terrible loss of connection with Life On Earth as a result of extreme chronic Virtual Reality Syndrome Disorder. This toxic and extreme view of the world completely discounts all that is good and beautiful in Nature, completely divorces humanity from Nature, and is a terrible and destructive notion preventing progress in our collective future. Transhumanism is as dangerous and should be rejected as completely as any fundamentalist religious view. The goal of humanity should be to create citizens who love the world, and who wish to sustain it and become closer to it and each other. We should move in the opposite direction of this vile transhumanism, which takes us away from reality. We should move toward and not away from the Earth, the Sun, and the Universe, and we will find ourselves in them… sincerely, pastor nitro of the north amen === photos are from an FAA webcam on nearby mountaintop (yes we had ONE mostly sunnny day month, last sunday), song is from R. Carlos Nakai, Dawn’s Mirage.

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