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Jeff Nelson’s Green Earth Blue Waters Monthly Speaker Series, July 2009. Chatham Mass; USA. Liz McClunin, biodynamic farmer, Part 1 of 5, “Nature’s Mysterious Ways and Her Similarities to Us.” Liz McClunin’s background as a biologist, organic farmer and and plant medicine practitioner bring her to Rudolf Steiner’s work on biodynamic gardening. The “similarities” that she will address relate to how man is like a plant in physical form, digestive structure and needs, and also etheric and spiritual aspects. She focuses her talk on how to work with plants and how to understand them. And she supports the alchemical point of view that to enter into understanding with the life form and life force of a plant, we must enter into its world. In this segment, Liz also shows us a biodynamic planting calendar and describes how to use it. Liz McClunin email: Jeff Nelson websites: and

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