Randles Greenery (APES project)

July 23, 2011 · 18 comments

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This videos was made for my friends APES(Advanced Placement Environmental Science) project. I just filmed and edited it. This is probably the most gangster recycling video ever made. Made by HRS Productions. Each person wrote their own verse, and Tony wrote the chorus. Here’s the lyrics: Gotta wake up in the morning sneak thru the back browsing round the hood filling up that sack collecting cans and a whole lotta empty 40 ounce bottles recycling before going to school late again damn, caught by Mr. Sewell i recycle 500 cans a day im only 17 man trying to get paid now do the math thats 5 cents a piece dawg thats 2500 lincolns on my leash try to out recycle me? only in your dreams a wanna be environmentalist, thats how it seems like jeffery dahmer, ill just eat cha man this game got me a 100 g’s richer now picture this perfect picture where we all live in one with nature Chorus: its called global warming but it gives me the chills so i gotta reduce them crushing laaaandfills! cant i live underwater? i aint got no gills so i started recycling cuz it pays the bills oh when i was young i thought the world was done carbon monoxide always filling my lungs stuffing the landfills with all that litter and trash setting the earth to go on a crash course with nothing there to stop it everyone just takes our resources for granted when i pass some trash thats on the ground im always sure to stop and turn around i pick up that can and look for a bin cause leaving that trash is nothing

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