RE: Pagan Christianity and the Fad Driven Church

March 18, 2011 · 25 comments

in green earth

The Fad Driven Church An Article by John MacArthur The Fad Driven Church by Todd Wilken Chris, here is a link to the Book of Concord. Heidelberg Catechism Westminster confession of faith Canons of Dort You want another reformation… another works based reformation that supposedly strips away things that stop the Gospel… I have a question for you. What on God’s green Earth and Heaven makes you think we humans can somehow impede the Holy Spirit in his work? That, by itself dear Chris, is a pagan notion! If you start by stripping the so called “trappings” of pagan Christianity, you are still left with the sinful, fleshy fallen brain that thinks like a pagan. George Barna is misleading you with another Christian Fad.

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