Sad Day releasing Western Diamondback

July 24, 2011 · 3 comments

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Released Rattlesnake 7/1/10 near Lake Meredeth, N. of Amarillo, TX owner: Yes, sad day releasing Ms. Gadsden. Raising her from only an 8″ neonate with only 1 button, to a fully grown 5 yr. old Western Diamondback Rattler, never missing a meal, never de-fanging her, as those typically grow back, not to mention inhumane even to a snake. Fed her live meals, keeping her hunting skills sharpen, she like all Western Diamondbacks can strike faster than a Blink of an Eye. Raising Ms. Gadsden from a neonate 8″ long, growing over 5′, having her as a pet for 4-5 years. Released her back into the wild in the Summer of 2010 just outside of Lake Meredith State Park North of Amarillo. Rattlesnake as a Pet; A pet not recommended having, unless 1) You are very familiar with venomous snakes 2) Have proper handling tools, such as Kavalar Gloves, hook, tongs, bag, and snake bite kit. 3) You provide a fool-proof cage for the safety for both you, family and your snake. Any accidental escape would be catastrophic, not to mention the possibility of being injected. If any accidental escape happened, home & neighborhood would have to be quarantined which could the cost could run into the thousands, generally home owners insurance would not cover this, and potential of never renewing policy. I was fortunate having experienced this desert creature up close for over 4 years, studying the habits, and characteristics of this timid, shy, deadly reptile, changing the way I view it, now

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