The Scholar Class

January 29, 2011 · 25 comments

in green earth

Scholar Class Orc Tactics – Use three orc based attacks: – Orc Sword Style (melee) – Orc Crossbow Style (ranged) – Orc Mage Style (magic) Zeel Skin – Elemental defenses Lycan Power – STR, DEX and END + 5 Vampire’s Charm – CHA, INT and LUK + 5 Zard Prism – Change your current weapon to any element Red Fire Yellow Energy Green Earth Blue Water Light Blue Ice Grey Wind White Light Black Darkness Shifter’s Smarts – INT, CHA and LUK + 10 Dragon’s Might – STR, DEX, END + 10 Banshee Blow – Mana Drain Gog’s gift – Defense Increase * Note: All the Stat modifiers can be used to upgrade stats without loosing a turn! * Also the changes in the Zard Prism continues till the next rounds

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