Touhou 11 Subterranean Animism Normal 1cc Stage 5

July 13, 2011 · 13 comments

in green earth

Episode 5: “Don’t Feed the Kitty” The toughest stage in the game is right here. The souls of all the fairies killed in previous Touhou games have gathered here to wreak their unholy vengeance… And the cat from stage 4 is back again. Although the midboss nonspells are trivial to time out, it’s worth cheesing past Cat’s Walk so you can get all 3 star pieces. The second half reminds me of DoDonPachi stage 5–a complete Charlie-Foxtrot of everything-out-to-kill-you…borderhax is nice; a spread shot would be nicer. The cat finally reveals herself to be Orin, who draws her strength from the spirit of the late Dave Thomas. I think ZUN finally ran out of stage 5 gimmicks, eg: Sakuya – timehax Youmu – speedhax Reisen – disappearing bullets Sanae – a pixel out of place = death So he took an alternate approach and made Orin eye-gouging, hair-pullingly, Nintendo Hard. In fact, Orin is so hard that the Battletoads themselves cower in fear at the mention of her name. Highlights: Spleen Eater – the least hard one. However, nothing on God’s green earth can possibly prepare you for… Mountain of Knives in a Former Hell – Dear God…I would rather take Marionette and 200 Yojana at the same time instead of this monstrosity… Why does playing with your daughter hurt so much, Mr. Thomas?

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