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Visit : And Discover Edisons secret on producing free energy, Tomas Edisons secret is not the solar panels or the wind turbine but the magnetic Earth Core , so this way this generator produces electrical energy, with the help of earth core and grounding , which can be used just like the solar panels and wind turbines.This personal power system can be connected to the entire power grid and excess produced power can be inserted into the grid and if you produce enough power you might even make money. The solar air and water heater are made from every day materials and are so easy to build that even a child can make them; all you need are the instructions.Solar panels, wind turbines can be bought but why spend a lot of money for something you can do yourself. The entire system can be made by anyone without any technical expertise. All you need are the instructions and the materials. Thomas Edisons secret provides detailed instructions on making everything you need for supplying your house with alternate energy sources.If you are interested in reducing or even eliminating your electric bills you have to try out alternative ways (such as the magnetic generator, solar panels and wind turbines) for producing electrical energy and thus creating an eco friendly home. Nowadays, energy sources are being massively exploited due to increased industrialization in the world. This means that in perceivable future fossil fuel reserves would disappear from our planet

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