What The FORK Is Going On? (Made In China)

November 19, 2011 · 0 comments

in green earth

Monologue: “Will you take a look at this? This is what’s left of a fork! Oh yeah, it’s shiny! But this is what’s left of my fork! I was using this fork to mash banana. I love mashed banana with honey poured on top of it (yum! yum!) But as I was mashing the damn banana, I ended up with a fork in each hand! This is suppose to be stainless steel! Well, it’s stainless because it’s so shiny. But steel is not suppose to break this way! I am not that strong to break steel! This frickin’ banana isn’t stronger than steel! Upon further inspection, I found out that this fork was made in China! Now that explains everything! It’s made in China! Looks like it! My question is, “Why on God’s green earth are we buying our FINE CHINA from CHINA?! Buy American! I’m sure we can make better china than those guys in the far east! Arrgh, we’re buying china from China? ARRGHHHH! Why? For this? It’s nice and shiny! But what the hell? We can buy better quality products made in the good ‘ol USA! What the hell? Or should I say, “What the FORK?!” What the FORK is going on?! Buy American, folks! Buying china from China…what the hell…what the FORK?! What the FORK is going on?” www.facebook.com

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