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On February 25, the Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued a second efficient lighting products to promote business tender notice: In 2009, the nationwide promotion of efficient lighting products 100 000 000, can stimulate social spending more than 10 billion. The tender compared to last year not only expand the range of products, including self-ballasted fluorescent lamps, three-color double-ended fluorescent lamps (frequency: T8), three-color double-ended fluorescent lamps (high frequency: T5, T8), high pressure sodium lamps and other energy efficient lighting products , and the number of products is also expected to target twice in previous years, 10 billion is the equivalent of spending two Beijing Olympic lighting projects (relevant statistics for the 500 million yuan) to promote the appropriate direction will tilt to the rural areas.
Energy subsidies last year tasted the sweetness of energy-saving lamp enterprises, can be described as spirited this year.
However, just over a week, an “energy-saving lamps in Guangdong qualified sampling rate was 14.3 percent,” the news let the entire energy-saving lamp enterprises in China gentle sweep. According to reports, the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau of Quality Supervision, energy-saving lamps have a representative sample of concentrate in Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Foshan and other area businesses energy-saving lamps 70 and 70 batches were sampled, only 10 batches of product qualification . In this energy-saving lamp enterprises were checked, the 60 companies on the blacklist.
In these products pass the inspection, the problem mainly in energy-saving lamp energy saving harmonics, interchangeability, lamp power, the initial effect of light / luminous flux, and other important indicators of low pass rate on the batch, which are the direct result of quality energy saving during the early use of black lamp, lighting was reduced, shortened life issues, it is often said, “not saving energy, saving money, not section” phenomenon.
Up to 6 / 7 business on a “blacklist”, so the energy-saving light industry into disrepute!
Has been in the process of promoting energy conservation, energy saving lamp enterprises every heave a deep sigh: too bad the Chinese consumer awareness, education costs too much to let consumers know that energy savings is the benefit for future generations too hard.
Is the quality of the Chinese people really so bad? Awareness of energy conservation really weak?
It is not. Such a story: the Chinese tourist to South Korea in South Korea to see the road running, wearing his mouth to eat, almost all of South Korea’s domestic brands, the Chinese had asked why the Koreans are so loyal to national brands, Korean people are puzzled to ask: “better than foreign products in Korea is poor, prices are affordable, why choose other brands?” product sales in the hands of Chinese national brand consumer Complex obviously unrealistic, the product quality not “waste money” thing, I believe that no consumer is willing to do.
China and the world’s consumers are the same, is it to buy things, pay attention to is inexpensive, consumers do not buy energy-saving lamps in China, the final analysis, energy-saving lamps are not “affordable”, but because of some unscrupulous companies in China produce “junk” energy saving lamps, has deeply hurt the consumers. In the late 90s of last century, the Chinese energy-saving lights usher in a wave of rapid development, but because of counterfeiting, price too high, poor product quality, service perfect, vicious competition, and many business reasons to become energy-saving lamps “Energy is not the money section,” a synonym for energy-saving light industry also entered the market low.
In fact, these quality problems in the industry are nothing new, indeed repeatedly seized repeat offenders.
Current energy-saving lamp enterprises of different sizes, product quality is good and bad, plus some perfunctory companies to cut corners, do see a good energy-saving lamps, rush in, short-sighted, profit-oriented attitude, the whole energy-efficient lighting products industry suffered greatly inferior .
“Energy is not the money section,” energy-saving lamp industry in China has been the heart of the “pain”, also hinder the biggest obstacle to promoting energy-saving lamps, which shares the back of resistance to the general consumer products for the Chinese energy-saving lamps cast a “vote of no confidence.”
With the introduction of the national energy saving policy to promote energy-efficient lighting has been referred to the strategic sustainable development, especially in 2006 “to promote efficient lighting products Interim Measures for financial subsidies to fund management,” after the implementation of increasingly popular energy-saving lamps can be said. 2008, 62 million to promote the success of energy-saving lamps, lighting industry has become the most critical driving factor.
State subsidies take money out of businesses, allowing companies to lower prices to consumers, in a sense, this is the name of the country recommend energy saving lighting products to consumers, but also to guarantee the credibility of the country, to save consumers energy saving lamp enterprises on consumer confidence.
In the trend of energy-saving environmental protection, energy saving light sense has become a “public good” cause, not the ordinary business operations. Companies also sell not only products, but also the conscience and responsibility, the output is the reputation and commitment.
Therefore, the energy business in every industry who should be holding a fear, to make every product.
In addition, it is to save energy efficient lighting industry, opportunities in China, but also restore the lighting industry in China, “a bright career,” the best opportunity to ring, every enterprise should be cherished.

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