American Greenpower presents: The World Needs Induction!

June 3, 2011 · 0 comments

in Energy Saving

A little background: These days, green technology and energy-efficiency are all the rage in business and especially the news. We thought you might be interested to know that our company, a green technology start-up, is currently very involved in green lighting technologies. Particularly, we specialize in a lighting technology called “induction” lighting, which is a huge hit Asia, but not yet very well-known here in the United States. According to CleanTech Market Intelligence, 17.5% of all global electricity consumption is attributable to lighting; at the same time, few people understand the fact that retrofitting some of our older lights with new lighting technologies is the easiest way to reduce our carbon footprint and make an immediate environmental impact. Induction lighting IS the best kept secret in lighting. Why? Induction bulbs last between 65000 — 100000 hours and have useful life of up to 10-20 years. Not only that, but we save our customers 50-70% over conventional commercial lighting applications. Induction lighting costs half of what LED costs, but last twice as long. We are striving hard to educate everyone in the US about the power and cost-efficiency of induction lighting. We thought that the local news and media might be interested in what a small start-up, run by a very young and ambitious management team from UCLA, is doing here in Southern California to help with sustainability and energy-efficiency. A Little About Induction Lights The basic

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