Audi “Green Police” Ad: Funny or REAL?

September 6, 2011 · 5 comments

in Energy Saving

The Audi “Green Police” ad is more true than it realizes. Check the sidebar for the links to these real laws and stories in the annotations. The Audi “Green Police” ad is more true than it realizes. There are real laws that are being put in place that are putting our freedom in peril. A 25 cent “plastic carryout bag impact fee” failed 2009. Now they want to ban plastic and tax paper bags ————————– Oregon Senate Bill 320: Prohibits persons from knowingly disposing of rechargeable batteries as solid waste. ————————————– In San Francisco, a new recycling law sets a $100 fine for homes that don’t recycle properly. ——————– Ireland banned traditional light bulbs in favor of energy-saving alternatives in 2009- ————————- Plastic Bottles Banned In San Francisco Offices: ——————– Greenpeace welcomes electric hot water ban ——————– Roadside Emissions & Remote Smog Test Checkpoints: ——————- California Statewide Styrofoam Ban Sought: ————– freedom conservative taxes alex jones limbaugh commercial audi super bowl health care liberty police state “high quality” conservatism Afghanistan Agendas of the Left America Barack Obama Communism Congress Conservative Musings Defining the Left Democrats Economy Editorial

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