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in Energy Saving — Getting started finding your biggest needs In this ecourse you’ll learn all about 1. Part 1 – Determining current costs. 2. Part 2 – Cost over savings analysis. 3. Part 3 – Getting started finding your biggest needs. 4. Part 4 – Start small for big savings. 5. Part 5 – Your window savings. Let’s go ahead & get started today with “Getting started finding your biggest needs”. Part 3 – Getting started finding your biggest needs. ============================ Now that you have an idea of how to go about considering any and all products that you will put into your home, you should be considering what your biggest potential need for your attention is. As you found out just how much you are spending each month on your energy needs, you should be able to see which your largest consumer is. For most people, this is gas. Gas Gas is quite expensive and there is no doubt that in the coming years the prices of it will continue to rise. But, there is more to consider than just that. Think about the fact that within the next sixty years, most scientists believe that we will have exhausted all of our crude oil supplies around the world, leaving all of us to face the fact that there may not be any gas left to use. As the supply of a product dwindles, the costs of it go up. To make matters worse, we continue to use more and more gas each and every year. In addition to that, gas is not the world’s healthiest fuel choice to burn. It does not help the

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