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HC Home Network News : With the green, Environmental protection , Carbon and other consumer concept deeply rooted among the Energy Reduction is increasingly influenced and changed people’s way of life. News from
States United States And other home appliances stores understand that now in the market, selling well in most of the 1,2-side refrigerator-level energy consumption, energy consumption of 3 or more products have basically quit. Brand choice, Midea, Haier and other major brands of two, three energy-saving refrigerators accounted for in the end the mainstream consumer market refrigerators. So how do we choose to a real good energy-saving refrigerators do? With this issue, the reporter interviewed a refrigerator dedicated senior industry experts, consumers purchase affordable easy to use summed up the four energy-efficient refrigerator trick. First, the super-efficiency energy-saving look. As our leading brand refrigerator energy-saving technology, America’s mission has been saving and environmental protection, energy saving refrigerator attaches great importance to research and development, energy efficiency of their products has been retaining its position as global leader. America’s refrigerator Have long expressed concern that Energy Use of the actual situation and future development needs of the environment, with the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University to cooperate, for energy-saving refrigerator has done a lot of technical improvements. This year in March, the U.S. refrigerator billion investment in R & D center near officially put into use, for energy-saving products, performance testing and product development to provide more comprehensive and complete hardware environment. Currently, the U.S. new product development in the refrigerator has been achieved 100% of all the energy-saving products, which will launch the 2009 bid Appliances to the countryside 0.2 Product group also represents the forefront of China’s energy-saving technologies. According to reports, the U.S. Energy Star refrigerator of technology integration, including the third generation of super-insulation system, VIP and the microcrystalline vacuum insulation foam technology, advanced nuclear energy-saving insulation technology, while using a super-efficient environmentally friendly freon-free compressor , VIP vacuum insulation panels, and more energy-saving air bag door closed, a new generation of cyclopentane composite foam technology, computer simulation system design and many other leading technology to ensure excellent cooling efficiency of the refrigerator and the thermal insulation effect, thus achieving energy saving technology the overall level of breakthrough. Second, to see lasting energy technology.
Common use for some time after the energy-saving refrigerators, energy consumption tends to rise. This is because the ordinary energy-saving refrigerator can not achieve lasting energy saving, energy-saving refrigerators and U.S. experts have won the approval of three energy-saving Tips?? The Cabinet as a whole bending technology, breaking the traditional assembled box seams, top foam layers exposed, easy to aging after inhaling vapor deformation, defects affect the effect of energy conservation, with strong, seamless, no joints, the effective protection of foam layer, energy saving advantages of lasting stability. Meanwhile, the United States and the refrigerator’s overall third-generation foam technology uses ceramic nuclear bubble, bubble-free seamless, to prevent air leakage, freezing cold room for extra-thick foam layer designed to make thermal insulation performance and stability. Tight closure of its technology from the U.S. space shuttle three sealing technology inspiration, seal and soft seal combination lock layers of air-conditioning, energy saving effect of friction is much better than ordinary energy saving refrigerator. Third, attention compressors, energy conservation better.
Specific in choosing the refrigerator, the consumer must pay attention to the heart — the refrigerator compressor. Good energy performance of refrigerators, there must be a strong and efficient, long life compressor, with the new R600a refrigerant, to run a smooth, efficient cooling, to ensure that frozen forces, and energy savings better. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of the refrigerator, you need to give full attention to the refrigerator compressor used in the situation, in general Embraco Matsushita , Zanussi and other brands better performance of the compressor. U.S. energy-saving refrigerators All products are Embraco, Panasonic, Zanussi and other international famous brand compressor, its ultra-high energy efficiency ratio is far ahead of ordinary refrigerator, all energy-saving products to reach a new national standard of energy efficiency 2 (the current national standard Energy Efficiency Level 1) level and above. Which the United States of BCD-208SM super energy fluorine-free compressor with the international famous brand, which achieved its “three days kilowatt” ultra-low power to lay a good foundation. Same time, the compressor and refrigeration circuit of the match for the energy saving refrigerator is also very important.

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