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March 2, 2011 · 4 comments

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DigInfo – movie.diginfo.tv In 2002, Tokai University produced Faraday’s Magic, an electric vehicle featuring extremely high energy efficiency. In 2005, the fuel cell hybrid vehicle was equipped with fuel cells and a new electric storage device known as electrical double-layer capacitors. Featuring enhanced aerodynamics, Faraday’s Magic 2, vehicle is the reigning champion of the World Econo Move competition, a race designed for energy-saving electric vehicles. Tokai University’s electric vehicle has won the competition for four straight years beginning in 2004, and setting new records along the way. Faraday’s Magic 2 achieves superior aerodynamics with its flowing, smooth body, and features minimal air resistance with an extremely small front profile area measuring just 0.27 square meters. The Kimura Laboratory designers created a vehicle that achieves astounding fuel efficiency by melding an extremely lightweight body made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic weighing just 18.5kg with ultra-low rolling resistance tires. Faraday’s Magic 2 can travel approximately 85km on 3-yen worth of electricity! On average, a person uses around 2000 kilocalories during the day (roughly 100W). Since it takes under 100W to run Faraday’s Magic 2, the vehicle actually uses less energy than it takes for someone to get around walking!

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