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Energy conservation is a hot topic today, the people concerned, national interest, then, energy-saving lamps quickly became popular, but a financial crisis caused by the arrival of energy-saving lamps gave a certain influence, then the future development trend of energy saving lamps what will happen?

The advent of high-power energy-saving lamps opportunities

The macro-driven infrastructure, usher in good news for major projects

The current global energy in promoting the use of environmentally friendly products, the state government to implement energy-saving subsidies, which we produce high-power energy saving lamp enterprises, is an opportunity. For example, many companies before the workshop are to use high-pressure mercury bulb light or sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, power consumption, but now some companies use our high-power energy-saving light after the contrast before saving a lot of electricity, so many companies began to Use a high-power energy saving lamp.

To develop the current state of domestic demand, a large number of railway, highway, water conservancy and other infrastructure projects will be launched, to the high-power energy saving lamp enormous market opportunity. Of the above projects, I think of the great business opportunities for high-power energy saving lamps. The current global energy shortage, promote energy saving, which will bring opportunities to the high-power energy-saving lamps, energy saving lamp can be replaced by high-power railway, highway, water conservancy and other infrastructure projects using the mercury lamp, sodium lamp, metal halide and other large power light, and life long.

Businesses need good effort

Grossly, eight-way, four ears. Multi-channel operators to maximize profits and results

Dealers order to grasp the opportunity to better promote the high-power energy-saving lamps, need to make efforts in the following areas: 1, and find distributors of energy-saving lamps. A good manufacturer, no matter how good the product can not rely on one to help you sell. For example: do a year by selling energy-saving lamps, a 100,000 yuan, if someone 10, and each only do energy saving light 50,000 yuan, 500,000 yuan a year then. And so on, only to find energy-saving lamps and more distributors to sell more energy-saving lamps. 2, and find energy-saving lamp project customers. Dealer can not underestimate the more those specializing in engineering clients, as projects usually relatively long period, many wholesalers do not want to do, it works exactly the strengths of our customers. 3, the development of energy-saving lamps and more end customers. First, dealers must have a sales team dedicated to developing factories, shopping malls, street lighting management and other supporting units.

In general, the next two years, more and more high-power energy-saving lamp market, many users are increasingly aware of the benefits of using high-power energy-saving lamps, the key is high-power energy-saving light quality products and who use high-power energy-saving lamps long life, the real energy, who have the market.

Energy markets ‘big two high and one strong’

The domestic market this year, energy-saving lamp industry colleagues to remember the many, a mixture of surprise and excitement, mixed with bitter and lonely; from wind and snow across the mid-2008 hard to pass, our lighting industry on with ‘energy-saving lamps’ closely linked with, the 2008 is a true ‘energy-saving light years’. This year’s energy-saving lamps for the four major trends in the overall performance of the market, we can use ‘big two high and one strong’ to describe this energy-saving light overall market conditions.

Further expand the overall size of a large

Counties, townships, towns, such as 23 sales market significantly improve the state promulgation and implementation of energy subsidies and increased consumer awareness of, and effectively promoted the overall market performance energy-saving lamps, and energy-saving lamps into the village, cut people created favorable conditions for purchase cost.

Two high school into a mainstream high-end energy-saving lamps

High-grade energy-saving lamps start to occupy one, the vast majority of secondary market sales, low-grade energy-saving lamps gradually withdraw from the primary market, secondary and tertiary markets to gradually reduce the proportion. Consumers energy-saving light structure, have more understanding of theory, consumption is more rational, business and become an equal share of consumer information. With the 80’s, 90’s the rise of consumer groups, environmental goods, health, functional and decorative to the process of buying and selling transactions play a more important role, the price is not the decisive factor in turnover.

Phase into the highly competitive Energy Market

Energy-saving lamp market competition, market share energy-saving lamps continuously divide, continuing fragmentation. Subprime mortgage crisis, stock market, housing market, financial downturn, RMB appreciation, rising raw material, the introduction of the new labor law, the lighting industry’s operating costs and risks of the rapid expansion of energy-saving lamp enterprises competitive behavior between the dominant from the recessive to upgrade. Export energy saving lamp enterprises External and internal situation, a difficult situation began to look to domestic market; in the country, some industry leaders began to diversify the operation, energy saving lamps as the core of many diverse supporting the brand strength, for there is no brand appeal and products produced a single energy-saving lamp enterprises, brands or become part of the industrial chain, or a fall out of their own personal brand.

A strong industry reputation and an unprecedented degree of public concern increased

National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance jointly issued the first half of fiscal subsidies during the Eleventh Five-Year 150 000 000 energy-saving light red tape, and by the people’s governments at the subsection; after a while the National Development and Reform Commission, the State Quality Inspection Administration again identify energy-saving lamp energy-saving products into the third category; ongoing policy guidance to the lighting industry, energy saving lights, the frequency of key words to appear in major explosive mainstream media, and deep into the town, the whole of society within a national energy literacy.

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