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HC heat network  Beijing is most residential Energy Take technology designed for residential brand selling energy-saving technology costs only “little finger”

“Energy saving house you will definitely sell so expensive?” In Zhongguancun, Mr. Wang would like to work in Zhongguancun, the land area to buy a house, by two real estate advertised to attract new energy-saving technologies, but by its higher than the surrounding three or four thousand dollars of the price scare.

In many home buyers have the impression, from 2002 Tiptop International Apartment play “Farewell to air conditioning heating time” on the cover, to the MOMA series of contemporary energy-saving products in recent years, come out, then more and more properties for sale or more or less use of energy-saving technologies, energy conservation, has become the pursuit of many residential spontaneously. But with energy-saving technology

Textbooks, is energy-saving residential housing prices high. In 2002, Tiptop International Apartment to sell nearly 10,000 yuan per square meter square, Guanjue 1:00; at Dongzhimen contemporary MOMA, now sell 39,000 yuan / square meter. “Energy conservation is a good thing, but high prices for energy have become a minority of people living thing.” Mr. Wang’s words out of mind for many home buyers, “When will affordable energy saving house?”

Energy-saving design standards is mandatory New residential housing should be energy

“Residential energy conservation are all over Beijing.” An industry of “mansions of the times,” said that under the “Beijing” Eleventh Five-Year “period Building energy efficiency Development planning “in the numbers: As of the end of 2004, Beijing has different standards of 175.2 million square meters of residential energy conservation, residential buildings accounted for 65.1% of the total,” not only the front yet, MOMA is the energy-saving housing. ”

Correspondingly, the total modern energy-saving home Project Master Chen tone in the interview with reporters, first said “green building and energy saving is not the case.” Speaking of the company’s MOMA and other residential projects such as contemporary, Chen sound more willing to call it “green building”, but reluctant to use “energy saving house” of the word.

Sound Chen said, China has special requirements of national standard for residential buildings meet certain energy efficiency standards. For example, in Beijing, according to the 2004 “living design standard”, the new housing should reach 65% energy saving standards. The so-called energy saving mainly in winter heating energy consumption. In short, the winter indoor heating to maintain 18 degrees Celsius. Energy, that is by improving the structure of residential buildings, so reducing heating energy consumption, “the bad house will be energy-saving multi-point coal burning, energy-saving house in a small coal burning point.” And because there is “energy saving 65%” is mandatory standard, which means the design of all new housing should be energy-saving housing.

Design Standards compliance does not guarantee the energy savings

Simply too hard for buyers excitement Energy

Have to just to reach 65% of the energy conservation design standard, “no technical difficulty, cost is not high.” Chen said sound, energy efficient design standards introduced in 2004, while the corresponding technical regulations and the cost also be introduced . “At that time, additional hundreds of dollars per square meter, the cost of hundred dollars, can achieve 65% energy saving target.” In a few years, while building material prices, but if only for 65% of the energy-saving design standards , investment is still not high. Since the energy conservation technical difficulty

not, cost is not high, energy saving house is everywhere, why home buyers do not feel it?

“65% of the energy efficiency standards for design criteria only.” China Real Estate and Housing Research Association deputy director of the Habitat and Environment Committee, said Ren Kaiyan, starting with the design of residential projects require compliance in order to get the audit of the “energy chapter “to build a house. In got the “energy chapter”, the construction quality to the residential building up energy after the really, no one care about the.

Kai Yan, Chen tone in an interview indicated that, according to the relevant department for examination a result, many residential and not to save energy. Even to save energy, buy a house were paying the annual heating costs, so most people buy a house, and not feel the benefits of energy saving house, it is not concerned about the general housing is not energy. “Buy a house do not care, there will be no ordinary house hold energy to do a selling point.”

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