Independence Lighting Diogen LED Retrofit Bulbs

October 7, 2011 · 0 comments

in Energy Saving

This video shows two Diogen retrofit LED bulbs that we have to offer here at Independence Lighting. The design of the Diogen LED bulbs allows the end-user to quickly install LED’s in an existing fixture. The Diogen Bulb is a state-of-the-art breakthrough and is the next evolutionary step in the lighting industry. The unique retrofit design of the Diogen Bulb universally replaces standard incandescent and compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs and is both UL and CUL certified. The color rendering, light output, and energy savings in the use of this bulb far exceeds the experiences and expectations of previous attempts. The light output and color rendering of this new bulb is the equivalent of the current 60-Watt (Diogen 800), 40-Watt (Diogen 300), and 40-Watt (Diogen 400) incandescent bulb available in the market but uses only 12-Watts (Diogen 800), 6-Watts (Diogen 300), and 7-Watts (Diogen 400) of energy consumption. Another unique quality of the Diogen Bulb is it’s water resistance and dimmable qualities, setting it apart from all other LED & CFL bulbs on the market. Diogen Lighting has successfully overcome all the lighting challenges with this groundbreaking technology and patented design. The Diogen Bulb has a lifespan 40 times greater than incandescent and 6 times greater than the current CFL bulbs offered in the market today. The Diogen Bulb is completely safe and is Mercury-free, unlike CFL products. The Diogen Bulb and its technology provide no glass bulbs to break or

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