Israeli Water Technology Exhibition

February 3, 2011 · 18 comments

in Energy Saving

Global water shortage and environmental pollution is a growing problem. This prompts local authorities and commercial companies to search for different solutions. An exhibition in Israel had to offer just that. Here’s more from our Israeli correspondent. Israel, having suffered water shortage problems since its early days, is a pioneer and leader in developing and implementing water and environmental technologies. The International Water Technologies and Environmental Control Exhibition attracted thousands of local visitors as well as delegations from about 80 countries, including 35 ministers and vice-ministers. The exhibition presented methods for improving the quality of the environment such as reducing environmental nuisances and using alternative energy sources. [Anat Halgoa, Vice-President GES Israel]: “We are in the business of energy with waste water plant for animal manure to treat the waste in order to produce bio-gas and from the bio-gas we reproduce green electricity. It is again one of the big projects in the world using aerobic technology.” The trend today is to switch to using non-polluting energy sources like solar energy. [Dr. Alexios Paiziz, Mechanical Engineer, SOL/Chromagen]: “In any building 80% of the energy consumption is given for heating and cooling goals. So if one tries to minimize this consumption by setting passing energy means and by doing clever mechanical engineer design then you save a lot of energy. This building covers all the heating

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