Just Energy Scam – Confused Consumers Take Dangerous Gas Gamble

December 17, 2010 · 21 comments

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More info on deceptive sales and marketing by US Energy Savings now operating as Just Energy go: www.keyframe5.com Everyone wants to save money on home gas bills and when people hear the name US Energy Savings, it seems to imply they will. The company is the alternative supplier, which means it could charge you whatever they want for gas. Regulated utility such as Peoples Gas can only profit from the delivery fees but CBS 2 Investigates Pam Zekman some customers of US energy savings are getting caught in a gas gamble. Gas fuel the flame we need for our homes, the amount we use is measure in therms. A term most people are unfamiliar with, much less how much they pay for them. The teams of US Energy Saving salesman seemed to bank on that as they converge on your neighborhood. “They told me that I was going to be saving money on my gas bill, which I’m not.” She was paying $0.66 per therm to Peoples Gas now she’s lock-in of five years contract at a dollar $1.19 per therm with US Energy Savings. Her gas bill skyrocket then she was shocked to learn she had to pay $600 to cancel. Are you angry? Yeah, very angry because I feel like I was She was one of 700 people who complained to the Citizens Utility Board. “We seen a lot of confusion, a lot of misleading marketing, a lot of frankly fraud.” For that reason, CUB filed a complaint charging US Energy Savings use deceptive marketing tactics. In 2006, the company settled without admitting any guilt, pay fine and cancel some contracts

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