Plastic to OIL – New Direction – by Ian Marsh

May 19, 2011 · 0 comments

in Energy Saving

I think that in terms of environmental intention, retrieving the enormous island of garbage in the south pacific ocean and converting the classes 2, 3 and 4 plastics into oil and recycling and reusing the other garbage matter is one of the most colossal environmental and energy saving tactics I have ever heard of. Biologically, by preventing further deconstruction of the particles of plastic , we can hope to prevent future degenerative disease caused by micro-particles of plastics working their way up the food chain and into our cell tissue. IN terms of energy conservation, we could generate a generous amount of electricity by burning a small percentage of the oil attained in contained combustion generators. This energy could be used to fund the demand of energy for the transportation of these materials from the ocean to the processing plants. Think about it, its ingenious, there is no chance of an oil spill like there is with maneuvering giant tankers through sequences of canals and island passages full of highly toxic oil product, for even if the boat flipped and all the plastic fell into the sea, it would just be a matter of time before it came back to where we’re getting it from.

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