Reactive thermo-fluid mechanics to solve environmental and energy problems

August 26, 2011 · 0 comments

in Energy Saving

The Ueda Laboratory is working to solve environmental and energy problems, through research based on reactive thermo-fluid mechanics. At the 10th Keio Techno-Mall, the Ueda Lab presented research on three topics: combustion technology, equipment for supplying high-purity hydrogen, and new mixers. Q. “Our research is epitomized by combustion technology. Combustion is a very important technology for obtaining energy, but it also gives rise to various problems, such as waste products. What we have is a way to solve those problems, while using energy effectively. ” Combustion is currently a major source of energy, and its recently attracted attention as a way to manufacture various substances as well. But the waste products arising from combustion processes are also a big problem. So the Ueda Lab is doing research of cleaner combustors, by developing RQL burners and catalyst-assisted high-temperature air burners, which enable nitrogen oxide emissions to be reduced. Among the applications is combustion synthesis of microparticles, using gas-phase combustion synthesis. The Ueda Lab is also developing equipment to enable a safe supply of high-purity hydrogen for fuel cells. Q. “We do research on fuel cells, which have become important recently, and fuel cells require a supply of hydrogen. Building hydrogen infrastructure takes a lot of work. So in our lab, we do R&D on devices called fuel reformer, and we hope we can come up with good equipment for hydrogen supply.” In this

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