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China Consumer Association recently released a report, China’s sales of light through the maintenance of low energy, short life, showing a “no section of saving money,” the status quo. According to national standards, energy saving lamp life to 6000 hours should be more than 2000 hours luminous maintenance rate should not be less than 80%. In this comparative test samples, only 8 samples of the brand rate of 2,000 hours to maintain good luminous flux. There are three brands of six test light did not even meet all the points, 2,000 hours. Samples of two brands of 2000 hours luminous flux maintenance rate below 80%, of which only 70% of a sample.

Intended to promote the adoption of energy-saving lamps, use, achieve energy conservation and environmental protection purposes, but the quality problems because of energy-saving lamps, making short-lived, resulting in a “non-section saving money,” this unexpected result. “Saving money not festival” is the process of emerging energy issues, which should arouse our attention, and should be improved through technical means to solve the “saving money not festival” embarrassment.

What energy-saving lamps? Is through technological means to enhance energy efficiency, so low power conversion efficiency lighting, play a greater efficiency to achieve energy savings. Promotion of efficient energy-saving lamps to replace incandescent and other inefficient lighting is a common international energy conservation and environmental protection practices. At present, some developed countries account for energy-saving lamp light source for 80 ~ 90%.

In China, the lighting electricity generating capacity is about 10% of the total, among which mainly inefficient lighting, the problem of high electricity consumption is very serious, causing domestic waste at the same time, the enterprise economic efficiency is not high and the pollution of the environment an important factor. Promotion of energy-saving lamps lighting to create a high quality and efficiency, economic comfort, good lighting environment, environmental protection, both to improve the quality of life, is also an important energy saving techniques. However, the promotion of energy-saving lamps in China and use of the situation is not satisfactory, reasons, of course, and the people behind the concept of consumption, but the most important factor, I am afraid that life was too short, or energy-saving lamps. As the energy-saving light quality problems, while conserving energy, but not the “Festival of money.” Use energy-saving lamp, causing the economy and a waste of energy on the other, it is probably that people had never imagined it!

    At present, China’s energy-saving lamp market is a bit confusing, mixed quality, counterfeit products flooding the market, so that energy-saving products discredited. Although energy-saving lamps save energy, but because of quality defects, leading to its short life, increase the use of the product cost, and power savings compared to, but to pay the money, there have been negative effects. “Saving money is not Day” to discourage consumers energy-efficient products. “Saving money is not festival” is a stumbling block to promote energy-saving products, energy conservation is the stumbling block is the promotion of energy-saving products generated under application of the “side effects”, contrary to the conservation of energy, protection of the environment in mind. Energy-saving lamps “short-lived,” added energy-saving lamp replacement frequency, reducing energy savings. Users pay for the purchase of energy-saving lamps use the money even more than the energy saving lamp savings value, there was an “economic upside down” phenomenon, this “section is not saving money,” the embarrassment, not only affects the promotion of the use of energy-saving products, but also allow the state to promote energy saving effect of greatly reduced.

Use energy-saving lamps, which aims to save, but the quality of its own energy-saving lamps and allows the saving behavior into the waste. This embarrassing situation occurs, it should cause us to reflect on, should arouse the attention of enterprises, we can not allow energy-saving lamp into a “suck money light.” Want to know, “Saving money is not festival” is also serious waste of energy-saving products companies must take on social responsibility, improve their accountability, raise up the quality of products, the energy waste down. Only improve the quality of energy-saving products, energy-saving effect can be achieved, so as to realize economic savings, energy conservation, aims to protect the environment, this is the construction of the embodiment of frugal society.

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