The Home Energy Audit Process

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WHY GET A HOME ENERGY AUDIT?: SCHEDULE an ENERGY AUDIT: This video reviews the steps of a comprehensive home energy audit: Step 1 During this interview, the auditor collects as much background information as possible about the house. Any existing energy or ventilation problems should be discussed at this stage, as well as your concerns, goals or any plans that you may have for your home (eg building an extension). Step 2 The outdoor inspection examines all the exterior aspects of the house. A thorough assessment is made of the doors, windows, overhangs and skylights – if any. The outside perimeter of the home will also be taken into account. This includes looking at the building orientation and any vegetation that affects shade and windbreak. Step 3 The examination of Main Level & Basement includes: thermostat, furnace, water heater, basement wall and band joist insulation, ducts for sealing and insulation, window sealing and locking and glazing, weather stripping for doors and windows, flooring, washer hoses and overall character of all appliances. Step 4 The examination of Upper Floors includes: attic hatch seals, canned lighting, attic insulation/ventilation and sealing of perforations in the ceiling below the attic. Step 5 The blower door test entails the use of specialized diagnostic equipment to measure the air tightness of the house. In conducting Infrared Thermal Image Scan, the auditor uses an infrared thermograph and a

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