The Importance Of Renewable Energy | What Does Renewable Energy Mean?

June 8, 2011 · 3 comments

in Energy Saving The Importance Of Renewable Energy Most individuals have innate drive on conserving energy. Truly, energy conservation can spell so many advantages on consumers. Energy conservation is a practice of reducing the amount of energy used while yielding a similar end use. If you are a consumer, you are likely to develop plans to save energy. The primary reason is for you to reduce energy expenses and promote environmental value. Industrial as well as commercial energy consumers want to maximize their profit. On a bigger scale, energy conservation is a factor of energy policy. Supply of energy will be lessened if the demand for it soars. This is where energy conservation becomes a big deal. Moreover, it is necessary to practice energy conservation when the same can be done. Further, it is also advisable to encourage energy conservation among consumers so as not to exhaust energy supply. The residential sector, which include private residences, apartments, dormitories, single-family homes and the like, also need to practice energy conservation/ n fact, one of the most efficient places to start energy conservation is right at your very home. According to statistics, home energy consumption averages 44 percent on space conditioning, 13 percent on water heating, 12 percent on lighting, 8 percent on refrigeration, 6 percent on home electronics, 5 percent on laundry appliances, 4 percent on kitchen appliances, and 8 percent on other uses. Imagine the savings that

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