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ZUDEK SRL – INDUSTRIAL CHILLERS Tel 39 040 232674 Strada per i Laghetti 9 34015 Muggia (TRIESTE) VARIMATIK ® INDUSTRIAL CHILLER AMMONIA REFRIGERANT Zudek is an Italian company that designs and produces a vast range of plants and machines for generating cold. Varimatik is a patented chiller operating at powers between 300 and 2500 kilowatt. Available in two versions: for external and internal settings. Suitable for industrial use by companies that need the efficient cooling of processes and environments at temperatures between 45 degrees Celsius and + 20 degrees Celsius. VARIMATIK ® One-stage or two-stage chiller Powers from 300 to 2000 kilowatt Air conditioning temperature from 40 °C to + 20 °C Refrigerating system: Ammonia (NH3) We wanted to create a chiller that would be a leader on the market, characterised by the use of ammonia as a cooling fluid and by an innovative use of electronics and technology. Ammonia immediately proved to be a winning solution, not only because it is present in great quantities in nature, but also because it is the only refrigerant that respects the objectives established by international protocols on the safeguarding and protection of the environment. The technological assessments were very complex and evolved over time, converging on a wide use of electronics, prevalently for diagnostic purposes, and on high-precision mechanical products with cutting-edge solutions in the creation of heat exchangers, evaporators, boilers and

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