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in green gas Depending on what part of the world you are in, closed loop systems may be a new process for your drilling program or have been around for years. Either way it is the most cost effective and environmentally beneficial option. Here are points to reinforce this: Cost effectiveness: • Less volume needed for mud tanks than a sump or pit. • Fewer trucks needed to haul water. • Cost savings on excavation of sump or pit. • No liner needed for sump or pit. • Less chemical or product needed for a smaller amount of volume. • Chemical or product doesn’t get left in pit. • All fluid and solids are contained to lessen the environmental cleanup and reclamation. Environmental benefits: • Less water needed to drill the well. • Chemical and product doesn’t leach into soil. • Drilled cuttings and solids are not buried in the ground. • Less area or space is needed to operate a closed loop system. • Fewer trucks on the roads which lessens environmental impact. • Faster reclamation process of well site when drilling is completed. As you can see there are numerous reasons why closed loop systems are more cost effective and environmentally beneficial then sumps or pits. If you have found this information valuable, please forward it along to colleagues or friends who may benefit.

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