Environmentalism – A Cover For De-population and Eugenics

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The Population Control Agenda: www.radioliberty.com www.radioliberty.com _______________________________________________________ Listen to Bill Gates say that Vaccines will be used to lower Population: www.youtube.com GM food lowers fertility: www.dailymail.co.uk Water Fluoridation causing infertility: www.fluoridealert.org Pesticides causing infertility: www.dailymail.co.uk Vaccines causing infetility: articles.mercola.com Plastics [BPA] linked to infertility: Men – www.telegraph.co.uk Women – articles.mercola.com Aspartame & Sperm Damage: www.321recipes.com Soya (so-called “Health food”) causing infertility: www.guardian.co.uk The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation develop soya value chain in Africa (i wonder why?) www.2012theawakening.com Billionaire club in bid to curb “overpopulation”: www.timesonline.co.uk Video revealing modern Eugenics Quotes: www.youtube.com Video exposing the Overpopulation myth: www.youtube.com Video revealing the Chemical attack on Humanity: www.youtube.com Video on the GMO agenda: www.youtube.com Western infertility a major crisis: www.youtube.com Video of David Rockefeller – Overpopulation: www.youtube.com Are we really Overpopulated [Exposing the myth of overpopualtion]: www.youtube.com They want to kill you : www.youtube.com _______________________________________________________ A few must read articles: www.policestateplanning.com aspartame.mercola.com www.fluoridealert.org www.sovereignindependent.com www

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