Mike Huckabee: Rally 01/06/08

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Mike Huckabee Rally / Chowder Festival Windham, NH 01/06/08 TRANSCRIPT: HUCKABEE: I stood on the state in Dearborn, Michigan with a bunch of my Republican colleagues running for president, somebody asked a question, hows the economy doing? Look, I know what the answers supposed to be. I see what the talking points are that were all handed from the party. A lot of people think Im anti-party, Im not anti-party, Im pro-American, but I want to tell you something. I listened as one after another said, oh, the economys in great shape. Its just terrific. I listened to that, and it came to me. I got blasted for this by a lot of the pundits in Washington because I said, well, the macro economy for these guys is doing pretty good. Most of them have nice investment incomes, accounts down in the Cayman Islands. They dont pay taxes on that, its all sheltered very nicely, but I said, you know, for a lot of people in this country, for a lot of people out there, three dollar gallon gas prices makes the economy not so grand. Health care costs that are up double digits from what it was last year isnt really helpful. LABEL: MH NH 1-6 (BH#57) RIHGN-clipB To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: issuealliance.box.net To download the full campaign event, VISIT: issuealliance.box.net

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