NoBama for US

May 22, 2011 · 2 comments

in green gas

Barak Hussein Obama is the naive front man for the liberal movement that seeks to take over our country. He presents a slick case for what he thinks is good for America, along with all of his liberal lefty friends. What he presents is socialism and oppression straight from the Karl Marx bible. Sure its good to help our neighbor, but, having the elite determine how successful you can be, what you’ll drive, where you’ll work, and penalize your success? That’s what the left presents, that’s what most democrats believe. Newsflash—We shall not hand over our freedom, our security, our families to the control of fascist, left wing, control freaks who only seek power and the demise of our great country and its opportunity. We can fix our problems, but, we don’t need the intellectual elite to do it. Our problems today are the result of too much government, too many liberal policies and environmental fascism.

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