Russia China to sign $5.5bln deals – RT 091013

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in green gas VP: Its a great event in the life of the Chinese people and the Chinese state the founding of the Peoples Republic of China. But I would also like to note that 60 years is just a short period in the life of the Chinese people. The whole world, including Russia, talks about China as a great state, a great people. And when we say this, we imply that China has existed for over 1000 years. Its unique and is among the fundamental world cultures. But Chinese history is very complicated and diverse, with frequent tragic turns of events. I think something very important happened in the lives of the Chinese people 60 years ago China gained a foundation that made it possible to develop despite all the twists and turns of the previous 60 years. Its a base, a foundation that allows the country to advance at an absolutely record pace for our day and time. I would like to note that my country, which was the Soviet Union at the time, recognized the Peoples Republic of China right after it was proclaimed it was the first to recognize the new China on the international level. Today, on my behalf and on behalf of the Russian leadership and all Russian people, I would like to congratulate the Peoples Republic of China on this anniversary and wish happiness to every Chinese family. VP: You must have heard that some time ago, when I was still the President of Russia, we set out Russias development plan up to 2020 its a general outline for our countrys

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