Feng Shui Conference I, London UK, 24th October 2009 (6/9): Sylvia BENNETT- Urban Alchemy

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Feng Shui Conference I, London UK, 24th October 2009 (6/9) – the Feng Shui Society Conference (‪www.fengshuisociety.org.uk )‬ Speaker: Urban Alchemy, Vertical gardens and O2 success by Sylvia BENNETT There is a revolution growing in cities around the world. Vertical gardens – lush green living walls – are appearing, embracing the sides of tall buildings and structured faces, transforming drab urban environments into exciting flourishing, nourishing landscapes. Vertical gardens are not just aesthetically appealing, beautiful living art forms. Their role in urban design has a far deeper significance; their emerging desirability in the 21st century embraces the traditional principles of feng shui that go back thousands of years. Possibly the most impressive installation in the world has taken place in London at the Greenwich Peninsula site of the O2 venue, which now inhabits the old Millenium Dome. After it had been virtually abandoned for 5 years, the Dome acquired new owners who embarked on a two year development programme before they launched the new venture in June 2007. Fortunately for the O2, the architect involved in regenerating Peninsula Square beyond its entrance, took a sensitive approach to the project. As this case study will demonstrate, the architect’s well-located inclusion of a spectacular living wall can be considered to be a contributory factor, at least in part, for the successful business transformation of the 02 into a prominent international

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