Air Tour Of Columbus, Ohio, From The Batcopter

June 22, 2011 · 25 comments

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The Batcopter is the personal helicopter of Batman and first seen in the film Batman: The Movie (1966). The helicopter was also used in the movie, Lassie Come Home and also used in covering a Super Bowl. It can fly up to 18000 ft, and over 100 mph. It was purchased by Eugene Nock, of Nockair Helicopters, Inc. http// This tour begins at 17th Avenue just west of I-71. First seen is the grounds of the Ohio State Fair, one of the largest in the US, which includes the Coliseum and Exposition center. The batcopter swings over I-71 and the unique Ohio Historical Society Museum (a rectangular building on a stalk) is visible. Behind it is the Columbus Crew Stadium. Roughly following 17th Avenue, the Ohio State University comes into view. Visible also are views north along I’71 and Route 23, two main north-south routes through Columbus. Visible next is the Columbus, Ohio, skyline. In the foreground is the triangular-shaped Nationwide office building. Behind it is the Green Building, a government office tower, and the narrow pointed building south of it is the LeVeque Tower, the area’s first skyscraper. The wide squat, weird building in the foreground is the Greater Columbus Convention Center. The tallest building with the apparatus on top is the Rhoads Tower (a government office building showing broadcasting live pictures of the peregrine falcons, which nest on its top). From this building, one can see Chestnut Ridge to the southeast, which is

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