ICF vs. CMU – Wall surface area

June 1, 2011 · 0 comments

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ARXX Steel ICF blocks are 9 times the size of standard cinder blocks (concrete masonry units), but are about 1/3 the weight, creating a labor advantage of over 27 times. In other words, move one ARXX Steel block into place in the wall and you’ve done 1/27 of the work required to move 9 CMUs into place, and this does not consider the mixing and troweling of mortar. Plus, you have eliminated the need for a subcontractor and material for furring out studs, subcontractor and material for insulation, and another subcontractor and material for sealing/wrapping the building. And, with ICFs, you don’t need to stop every 4′ feet to grout/fill the wall, as you do with CMUs.

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