Tomb Raider lll – Antarctica walkthrough (part 2 of 3)

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in green building  

RX-TECH COMPOUND: Slide down near the corner. Take out the enemy in the passage and continue to some buildings, including a TOWER WITH THE RX-TECH LOGO ON THE SIDE. Kill the guard dog. Pick up the shotgun shells in the corner behind the green building with the three barrels at the side. ICE WALL AT THE BOW OF THE SHIP: Go to the front of the boat to the angled, off-white metal thingey that was holding up the boat. (OK, so I’m not very nautical.) Stand at the base of it and jump over the peak. Hold Jump so that instead of sliding down the other side, Lara hops off and lands on the snowy ledge across the water. Walk to the left end and jump up to the triangular flat spot. Then take another standing jump around the corner to the next flat spot on the left. Climb into the small, rectangular opening to find a rocket. Climb/slide down to the rectangular snow ledge at water level, and take a standing jump with Action to land in the boat without getting Lara’s feet wet. WATERWAY LEADING PAST THE HUT: Drive around behind the ship and circle back to the canal near the hut. There’s a doorway about halfway down the canal on the left. Park the boat close to the opening and jump out (Roll + Left). Climb the ice ladder, slide down the ramp and jump to grab the ledge above the small pool. Pull up and crawl in to the right. This is SECRET #2—the large medipak you saw behind the ice window, along with a small medipak and some grenades. Crawl back out, past the opening where you came in

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