Your Green Life Segment – The Mysteries of the Deep

April 5, 2011 · 1 comment

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Chris Hartman is headed where few people have ever been, one thousand feet below the surface of the ocean off the South Pacific island of Palau. And he’s going in a one man submarine. Hartman works for a company called Deep Marine Technology. He and his team will be in Palau for an entire year, diving for sponges, invertebrates and coral. Researchers will then study the samples to see if they might hold any cancer or AIDS fighting properties. “It’s pretty exciting,” said Hartman. “To better mankind is the ultimate goal.” The one-man submersibles are state of the art. They’re equipped with high definition cameras and rotating arms which the pilot controls from inside the cockpit. “They are also independent and tetherless” said Hartman. “So they can go wherever they want in the ocean.” Asked about the difficulties his team faces in the coming year, Hartman says he feels confident in his well trained team. “If we can find a cure for cancer, that’s great. AIDS? Even better. One of the two we’d be ecstatic.” Want to keep up on the latest ways to go green? Tune in to Your Green life, a weekly half-hour magazine show that will help you do just that. From examining the latest green building and energy technologies to fuel efficient transportation breakthroughs and organic farming methods, each week Your Green Life will focus on people, communities and programs that support sustainability and a Green lifestyle. It’s green news you can use! Weekends @ 6 on Your TV20, Cable 13, Bay

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