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November 28, 2009 · 0 comments

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There are many ways we can help curb global warming. It’s really as simple as the choices we make and the products we buy. When we burn coal, oil, and natural gas we put carbon dioxide into the air. This in turn causes global warming. So, by using modern technology and reducing the use of fossil fuels we can help curb global warming and start saving our planet!

One very easy way is to replace our regular incandescent light bulbs with very neat compact fluorescent bulbs. These compact fluorescent light bulbs use about a quarter of the electricity as normal bulbs and last ten times as long. While producing the same amount of light as well. So every new fluorescent bulb we can use helps clean the air and also helps us save money!

Another great way is by just planting a tree. Since trees take in carbon dioxide, any little tree you can plant in your backyard helps. Not only will it give you some great needed shade, but it ofcourse absorbs CO2(carbon dioxide). So it saves on bills and helps save the planet!

Finally, one of the easiest and most productive things we can do is recycle and use recycled products. Making new products from recycled materials is fantastic and can help save up to 70 – 90 percent of the energy and pollution that would result from a product made with new materials. is a great place to shop for recycled products and many other eco-friendly gifts. So, in concluding, if we all just start recycling and using recycled products we will be on a great path to helping curb global warming and saving Mother Earth!

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