RAW FOOD DIET & RECIPES on DVD! BEFORE Dan became the liferegenerator! CAN YOU DIG IT? :D

October 27, 2010 · 25 comments

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RAW FOOD RECIPES on DVD! DVD-SetOf6.life-regenerator.com * CLICK here for MORE INFO! * Vintage-style! See Dan & Krista as they were back in 2006, long before liferegenerator became one of the most popular natural health YouTube channels & long before Dan was voted Best of Raw’s 2009 RAW VEGAN EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR, 2009 RAW VEGAN CHEF OF THE YEAR & SEXIEST RAW VEGAN MAN of 2009! EVERYDAY RAW FOOD DVD SERIES! http We created these DVDs to help you to go, stay & live raw (or partially raw) on an everyday basis. There are no dehydrated, nut-heavy or time-consuming foods in these recipes, nor any cooked food imitations. These are NOT your normal boring raw food videos, either! Created back in 2006 just 3 mos. after Krista & Dan had met, you’ll see where it all began, getting a good laugh out of seeing our really short hair, Dan acting a little nervous & Krista being his lovely assistant! ** FREE SHIPPING! ** ALL ORDERS INCLUDE FREE USPS SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE AROUND THE WORLD! *** SIX-DVD SET *** DVD-SetOf6.life-regenerator.com Minimum donation $100 FREE international shipping All 6 of the DVDs in 1 complete set! With close to *NINE HOURS* of total material, you’ll walk away with a solid foundation on how to bring more raw foods into your daily life! 1) Fruit Juicing 2) Superfoods & Snacks 3) Blended Drinks & Smoothies 4) Salads 5) Soups 6) Vegetable Juicing 8 Hours, 48 min. total ** INDIVIDUAL DVDs ** –1) FRUIT JUICING http Minimum donation $25 FREE international shipping

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