Garden open bottom aquarium in the night

May 14, 2011 · 25 comments

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NATURAL OR ARTIFICIAL PLANT ? NATURAL PLANTS Live plants form part of a natural habitat for aquarium fish, and offer various other benefits. During the day, they consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, and thereby contribute towards a healthy environment. They compete with algae for nitrates in the water, and thus inhibit the latters growth. They may also host beneficial bacteria that aid in the breakdown of waste. THE DISADVANTAGES While live plants produce oxygen in the day, the reverse happens at night. If there are many plants in your tank, the carbon dioxide level could rise dramatically while the oxygen level drops. So it is best to use an air pump to aerate your aquarium at night. Live plants can also play host to various pests such as snails. ARTIFICIAL PLANT Artificial plants is hassle-free. They dont die, decay, grow too big and will not get dirty or covered with algae. Best of all, they are durable, and therefore you can save in the long run. They do not affect oxygen levels, day or night. They are easily removed, cleaned and will not carry pests or parasites. Best of all they can do without light. THE DISADVANTAGES They neither absorb carbon dioxide nor give off oxygen. They dont host beneficial bacteria that can help with filtration. They do not inhibit algae growth, since they obviously dont consume nitrates. FINALLY Most aquarium will do well with either live or artificial plants provided you plan properly. Fish in the OPEN BOTTOM aquarium includes BARBS

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