Raw Sangha #143 – Big Tree Farms, Sustainable and Innovative

December 21, 2011 · 16 comments

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Aloha Sangha! Last week I had the chance to meet with Ben Ripple and Frederick Schilling of Big Tree Farms! Brother Echo has been working with Big Tree Farms in some capacity over the past year but this was the first time Ben Ripple and I got a chance to meet in the flesh. I had previously met Frederick in New York at The Best of Raw, Truly Raw Cacao Contest. It was nice to finally complete the circle and be in the same space as both gentlemen aka “The Blue Monkey Brothers”. Don’t ask me where they got that nickname… I don’t know. Coincidentally (if you believe in that kind of stuff) Ben actually first contacted me after the 2010 Natural Product Expo West with some commentary on another interview I did with a different company in the living foods industry. Since that first contact Ben and I have had one interview and have touched base with each other over the past several months. Some might see coincidence in us meeting one year later at the very same expo that sparked our initial contact. I don’t see coincidence I see affirmation, providence and destiny. Right from the beginning when I had my first interview with Ben over Skype I could tell that he was genuine, intelligent and passionate about his work. You see, at the time Ben first contacted me I was only about a month into being raw vegan, some might say I was a little wet behind the ears. It was quite a thrill to all of a sudden be on a Skype video interview with the CEO of a well respected living foods company and

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